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Posted On: Sep-24-2021 By: Emma Meaghan

Everyone hates getting their lips chapped during the winter season as it irritates a lot and puts one in discomfort. A lot of people use different remedies that could make their condition more worsen. Therefore, you should know what the certified dermatologists recommend before buying lip balm boxes having different types of balms in them. Here are 7 doctors approved practices in this regard. 

Use Lip Balms With SPF:

Every dermatologist agrees over the fact that lips do not get chapped with cold wind only during winters. The direct sun rays also affect the thin upper layer of the lips as they include some harmful radiation. Therefore, doctors recommend checking over the cheap lip balm boxes to see either the product is being offered with SPF protection or not.

The greater the value of SPF will be, the more there will be protected against these harmful radiations. Similarly, check this factor while buying the chapstick or lip balm boxes item according to your choice and needs. It will not only heal your chapped lips in the least time but will also protect them from burns and problems like cancer. 

Drink Plenty Of Water:

Staying hydrant is the key to heel all skin-related problems naturally and without any side effects. Rather its benefits in various other ways as well. Most of the skincare brands also emphasize their lip balm packaging boxes to drink plenty of water to keep the skin fresh.

It has been observed that lack of water causes dryness of lips that ultimately leads to chapped lips. Doctors suggest drinking at least 2 liters of water intake a day. However, various health professionals suggest having small sips of water throughout the day in case of chapped lips. 

Avoid Harsh Weather Conditions:

Weather is an important factor that affects the lips most, and it becomes worse in winter conditions. Therefore, people living in the cold regions have to consider this factor through the seasons. Keep chapstick boxes along and apply them over the lips when they are exposed to the cold air. However, try to cover the face while traveling as it will keep the lips moisturized for a longer duration. Brutal temperatures are always furious with sensitive skin like lips and can dry them in seconds. Ultimately it results in damage to the lip skin.  

Use Balms Before Going To Bed:

Expert dermatologists have analyzed a reason because of which the healing process gets slowed down. Various people like to sleep with the heat on that eliminates the humidity from the room. It makes the environment dry.

Therefore, grab out your balm from the chapstick packaging and apply it before going to bed. It will keep your lips moisturized till morning to avoid dryness problems. Use a balm that contains glycerin and other natural oils. Moreover, you can also use a humidifier during the winters to keep the room temperature a bit humid during heat on. 

Don't Lick Or Bite Your Lips:

Some people establish a habit of biting lips to remove the distorted epidermis. Doctors recommend not doing so as it can cause further problems like inflammation and bleeding. In this case, you may need to visit a skin specialist.

You may have often noticed the Halloween Lip Art Ideas in retail stores recommending avoiding such habits. Licking the lips to make them wet is another wrong practice that people follow during dryness and chapping. It makes lips drier after the saliva gets evaporated. It is way better to have small sips of water instead if needed or use some hydrating balm that lasts longer. 

Use Quality Products For Lip Care:

Picking random lip care products without any inquiries is not worthy as everyone has different skin types. Thoroughly check the ingredients used in the items that are usually printed over the backside of the custom lip balm boxes. Avoid buying balms that contain the elements like menthol, phenol, camphor, or alcohol.

These elements create more dryness that ultimately requires applying the balm repeatedly after some time. These elements sometimes also remove the epidermis that can irritate the skin by causing the rash. Use a balm that contains natural oils so they can prevent water loss and dryness. There are big names in the industry that consider using safe ingredients. 

Consume Omega-3:

You may wonder what omega 3 has to do with the lips. But this is the doctor's most recommended way to eliminate the lip chapping problems prominently. Dermatologists recommend eating fish that contains omega-3 fatty acids. It keeps skin hydrated by producing natural moisturization in the skin.

Omega-3 oil capsules are also an amazing way to consume them in case someone does not like to eat fish. It will not only hydrate and nourish your skin but will provide various other health benefits as well.

Following these tips will surely help you care for chapped lips and heal them in the minimum time possible. Never forget to check the attributes of retail packaging, the balm you are using from the lip balm boxes. It will help you select the best one that could also make your lips beautiful, along with curing the chapping problems. 

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