With the passage of time, people are tending to have luxury products that also require luxury yet protective and attractive packaging solutions. In this regard, cardboard and Kraft paper made Cannabis Boxes are playing a key role for businesses in attracting customers and conveying their words in an elegant way. The robust materialization of these boxes makes them exclusive for a wide range of fragile yet luxury products such as jewelry, perfumes, ornaments, pens. They can be tailored in any shape and design and comprise additional accessories like ribbons, buttons, flip-top locks, and handling supports in accordance with the need for products to be encased inside them. The thing that set these packages apart from other packaging solution is their enhanced protection level for fragile products that are due to inserts and product holders in them.

Impeccable Customization Quality

Customization in packaging solutions like custom rigid boxes is considered as important as the packaging itself for the respective products and businesses. In this regard, no one can overcome the authenticity and skills of Just Custom Boxes, as we have a wide range of customization options and features for your desired packaging solutions. Our manufacture packages contain die-cutting, perforation, window cutouts, vibrant colors, embossed and debossed logos, and brand slogans, and most importantly, silky and velvety finishing that make them luxury and exclusive for your valuable and fragile products of every sort. Their gold and silver foiling make our designed rigid boxes wholesale attractive and engaging for customers and help respective brands in boosting their sales and profits exceptionally.

Customized Design, Shape, Color, and Size

These boxes can also be tailored to present products elegantly at your company retail stores as we include window cutouts exclusively as it helps customers to observe the encased products, and it also plays a key role in convincing customers to make a purchase of your products. Furthermore, we utilize the latest packaging techniques that allow us to deliver you every packaging solution outstandingly and are the key reason behind our top rigid boxes suppliers’ status in the industry. We are fully capable of delivering you these boxes in every possible design, color, shape, and size that suits your products best and allow you to take advantage of your product quality standards and make a unique standing in the market.

Premium Quality Printing

The factor that sets us apart from other packaging companies is our elevated printing standards as we utilize the latest digital and offset printing technologies that allow us to provide you best possible printing quality. We also utilize raised inks, PMS and CMYK colors, alluring font styles, embossed brand logos, product particulars, and brand details that not only enhance their attraction for customers but also allow you to market your brand and attract a maximum number of people. The included catchy graphics and images of the encased items also make these rigid setup boxes exceptional to fascinate more people and increase sales for your luxury products.

Eco-friendly Packaging Materials

We are fully aware of the recently prevailing trend of green packaging solutions, and also we are delivering rigid packaging boxes that are exclusively eco-friendly and cost-efficient. We utilize high-quality cardboard and Kraft paper stock from 8pt to 24pt thickness in accordance with the required protection level for your products. They can be reused multiple times and do not add any litter to the soil, particularly.

Why us?

Just Custom Boxes is an eminent name in the world of packaging and printing. We have been serving a lot of businesses and brands for two decades with our unbeatable quality standards. Cannabis Boxes are the finest example of our packaging perfection and printing elegancies. We always use the best quality materials for our all packaging and printing products and did not ever have compromised on our quality standard even we charge very low rates. Along with the exceptional packaging and printing services, we also facilitate our customers by offering free shipping, minimum order limit up to 100 units, and free design support. We also do not charge for die-cutting and plate cutting services. If you have any doubts about our claims, challenge us and get the best possible services as we are ever ready for it.

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