Creatively presenting the products in front of consumers can help businesses to elevate their sales and repute in the market along with getting better feedback from the consumers. The packaging has the potentials to captivate the consumers and influence their purchase action. Luxury rigid boxes can prove to be best in the situation as they are highly functional and protective, along with their superior customizable nature. These boxes are manufactured with high-class white cardstock, corrugated cardboard, and Kraft that are perfect to resist all sorts of damaging factors. The customization options available for packaging are also perfect as they can help to print any desired graphics by using digital and offset printing. The options for gloss, UV, and matte laminations are also available in addition to foiling options such as gold, silver, and copper. These boxes can also be laminated with special OPP layers to elevate the barrier properties.  


Variety of Designs to Select From

Premium products need to be packaged in boxes designs that are exotic and innovative in nature and justify the price point of goods. There are a number of creative packaging solutions available in the market, but demand for luxury rigid boxes is always elevating. The applications of these boxes are endless as they can help you to protect and promote luxury products, can be used to package gifts, and also serve in favors. Here at Just Custom Boxes, we provide you with a number of rigid boxes design that is perfect for satisfying all your needs. We have high-end premium collapsible rigid boxes, magnetic boxes with an auto lid to protect the products perfectly, two-piece rigid boxes to elevate the presentation of products in the most effective manner, and single-colored rigid boxes that can help you to develop a signature look for your products in the market. We also provide you with top design support for free to come up with one of a kind packaging solution personalized according to your precise needs.


Commitment to Premium Packaging

The packaging used by any business is the ultimate face of the brand in the front of consumers, and it should be perfect in every aspect as the consumers focus on attention to detail on packaging closely. The packaging is the top factor that helps consumers to strengthen their purchase decision in the market. We can provide you with the top designs of packaging that are highly premium in nature. Our brand is committed to delivering the highest quality packaging at the lowest rates so we can help you in the best way. We have strict guidelines for selecting the materials, and it efficiently helps us to ensure the consistent quality of products by our brand. We also care about the sustainable nature of packaging and only use materials that are high in eco-friendliness and sustainability. We use materials that are 100 percent organic and recyclable for our rigid cardboard boxes, in addition to soy-based printing dyes that are also free of hazardous chemicals.


Ultimate Options to print and Customize:

We have the state of art customization and printing machinery that helps us to provide you all kinds of flexible boxes that are precisely customized according to the requirements of your products. Customized packaging can help your brand to elevate your repute in addition to promoting the products efficiently in the market. Our unique printing solutions can help you to introduce your branding theme and logo on the boxes. We can print in both CMYK and PMS color schemes by using digital and offset printing options in addition to several lamination options. You can also use add-ons such as inserts and windows in these boxes both for aesthetical and protective purposes. The materials used by our brand are also highly versatile and can be cut and assembled in unique shapes and sizes. The foiling and stamping are also available in silver, gold, and copper colors, along with all kinds of embossing and debossing options.


What makes us unique?

As the need for better and innovative packaging is elevating, there are now several packaging companies functional in the market, but our exceptional services and low rates are things that set us apart from them. We provide you with special offers and discounts on rigid boxes wholesale supplies in addition to bundles of free options to help you lower the cost of packaging. The use of die and plate is absolutely free for custom rigid boxes, so you don’t have to worry about the functionality of packaging ordered from us. We also provide you with free shipping directly at your doorsteps so you can easily get all the supplies without worrying about shipping charges. The advanced machinery at our disposal also helps us to cut the lead time required for taking orders and processing them as we know the importance of time in the business sector. For getting further details regarding our products and service along with getting your custom quote, contact us at support; we are looking forward to serving you 24/7.

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