We recognize that you may need to return products to us from time to time. To facilitate you in the best ways, we have formed this policy for returning products in specific conditions. This policy applies to all customers despite their geographic location. This policy applies to all orders submitted to justcustomboxes.com. This policy does not disrupt any legal privileges that you may have as per consumer protection laws.


At JustCustomBoxes.Com, products and services are customized following the customer’s requirements and guidelines. So, we provide our customers a privilege to report to the company if they find supplied product faulty. They can also claim for return if supplied packaging or printing products are not up to their needed specifications or desires. In such cases, customers are required to report us at support@justcustomboxes.com within 3 working days after order deliverance.

  • Company side defects

To process your return claims, the company will reprint the entire order in case the product fault is proven on the company’s side. Defect and responsibility will be determined by the company, and the decision will be final. Customers will be required to ship back the entire order to us within 7 working days, along with bearing shipping costs. Furthermore, customers are bound to provide supporting evidence and documents regarding claimed defects in the form of digital photographs. This will help the company to avoid previous mistakes and reprint orders according to the requirements.

  • Client-side defects

Customers will be required to return the entire order in case of defects on the customers’ side and still want refunds. In that case, the company will deduct shipping costs, printing and setup costs, and billing costs while refunding.

  • Mistaken Address

If customers provide the wrong address or insufficient address for Courier Company to deliver orders, the shipment will return to us. And clients will be liable to bear re-shipping costs for getting the order delivered to the updated address.

  • Unclaimed Shipments

Unclaimed shipments will return to the company, and clients are liable to pay for the reshipping of ordered products.

Justcustomboxes.Com Will Not Be Responsible For:

  • Any delays by courier companies
  • Delays because of unfavorable weather or political conditions
  • Delays due to customs and clearance procedures by government authorities
  • Delays due to wrong addresses 

Important Note: 

The company will not entertain any claims after 3 working days of order delivery. Returning back orders within the prescribed time is essential to get orders reprinted or refunded.

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