Many manufacturers and suppliers use boxes with bottom closure to pack their items appropriately. This is because they are made up of hard cardboard material that is not only flexible but also strong and durable. Hence, these packages do not only protect items packed in them but also fit them appropriately due to the flexibility of their shapes. You can imprint the stuff of your requirements on these packages without any discomfort. You can add some alluring graphics on them that will be caught by the sight of your buyers and urge them to buy your products. Most companies also add their brand names and logos on these packages that increase their brand value in the market. In this matter, you can take benefit of screen printing and digital printing. This is because these techniques can help you to increase the visibility of the graphics.

Die-Cut Windows:

Displaying the items properly for the customers can be highly significant in enhancing your sales. This is the reason; most of the retailers embellish their shelves appropriately so that customers can be attracted to them. Considering this fact, Just Custom Boxes provides our buyers with many designing options of the die-cut windows for a bottom closure box for sale. These windows are mostly given a rectangular shape that illustrates the items packed in them appropriately. However, you can be creative by allowing us to give these windows some other unique designs. As an example, you can relate them to Valentine's Day by giving them the shape of a heart. It will help you to grasp the attention of your targeted population. We also offer a transparent lamination for these windows that do not only show your products appropriately to your customers but also protect them from the dust and dirt of the environment. In this way, we also help you to maintain the quality of your product for a longer duration.

Printing Choices:

Printing suitable stuff on the product packaging can help you to entice your customers. This is the reason; we provide numerous printing options to our customers for a bottom closure box wholesale. Our screen printing has earned good popularity in the packaging world. This is because; this technique increases the visibility of two-dimensional graphics on your packages and urge many people to buy them. We also offer digital printing in this regard. This type of printing can increase the visibility of your three-dimensional illustrations. We can also provide you a graphic designer for your requirement. He will not only help you to decide the right texture you should imprint on your packages but also he can design a professional logo for your company to increase your brand recognition in the market. You can also tell him any design to customize your packages without any worries.

Alluring Finishing Options:

Laminating the packages suitably can help you to improve the appearance of your products. Therefore, we provide our buyers with many finishing options for their bottom closure box at a low price. You can take benefit of our glossy lamination in this regard. This type of lamination is highly famous for its shiny appearance. This glary finishing can be easily caught by the sight of the customers. Hence, it can help you increase your sales significantly. We also offer matte-finished lamination for our customers who want to sell their expensive items in our packages. This is because this type of lamination mostly attracts the people of the elite class. Gold, as well as silver foiling, is also offered by us that gives your boxes a premium appearance. This is the reason; we are considered to be the best bottom closure box manufacturer in the market.

Free and Efficient Shipping:

Customers always want their products to be delivered to them immediately. Considering these requirements of our clients, we have devised an efficient system. This allows us to deliver a rigid bottom closure box to our buyers within no time. For standard orders, we can deliver these packages in 10 to 12 business days. However, this time starts only after the approval of your order by our agents. We also save the money of our customers by not charging them any shipping fee for standard orders. However, if you go for our rush delivery services, you will have to pay a significant amount for shipping. Rush delivery services are mostly used by the people who need the packages on an urgent basis. This is because; we deliver the packages within 6 to 8 business days after the approval of the order if you take benefit of our rush services.

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