The nbsp;jewelry boxes are versatile and one of their own kind storage containers. They are used to keep jewelry and other high-end accessories. They are meant to keep your precious accessories safe from damage and exposure to outside harmful factors. They are mostly made from cardboard, paperboard, and Kraft, which make them more flexible for alteration. The customization of these boxes in numerous styles and sizes is possible. Not just that, but you can shape them in a way to match the product requirements or as per the wish of your valuable customers. Their recyclable and reusable nature makes them an even more affordable option for the brands vying to save money. They are perfectly safe for the environment as they do not end up in the garbage from your dust bins or waste in the landfills. They have smooth and printable surfaces, and you can print them with the text and graphics of your choice. 

Impeccable Printing:

Printing is an important aspect of designing state-of-the-art jewelry storage boxes. That is why we offer to print your jewelry packages attractively and uniquely in order to increase the interaction with your visitors. The inks we use for printing are high-quality and, unlike traditional inks, do not emit hazardous chemicals which are detrimental to the health of the people as well as the environment. Not just that, but they have an excellent ability to get absorbed on the box surface well and do not fade away when exposed to environmental conditions. Our printing team is a combination of expert designers who print only those designs on the jewelry packages, which are according to the market trends. We are using modern printing techniques such as flexographic, screen, and digital printing for this task. You can keep asking our experts to change or revise the printed designs unless or until you are satisfied with the design. 

Innumerable customization options:

Adding a personal touch to the cardboard jewelry boxes can enable you to establish a strong and emotional connection with your visitors. Engagement with the customers is becoming a trend in the market these days, and everyone wishes for that. We, Just Custom Boxes, are fully aware of this need of our esteemed clients. That is why we provide full support to get the design of the printed jewelry boxes from scratch to the top. We are providing you these packages in various kinds of designs and styles, which give a perfect highlight to your inside accessories. For instance, you can opt for the option to induce a die-cut transparent window on these boxes, which will offer a sneak peek at your beautiful jewelry items. You can also get the option of altering the shape of your box, which is according to your desire. We do not charge you any extra penny for the number of die cuts and plates for a single order design. 

Free shipping services:

It is not just that the customization and printing options we are offering are unique. But we believe in providing quality services to our valuable clients as well, no matter what is the cost. That is why we are offering free shipping services in all the states of the United States of America. This does not mean that we charge a heavy amount of money to our customers that are outside the United States of America. We only levy a minimal amount that proves very light on a budget of our precious clients that are outside the USA. We provide them with special offers and discounts, which ultimately prove very beneficial for them monetarily. Our extra care for the customers is what differentiates us in the market. 

Fastest turnaround time:

If you are relying on some local packaging suppliers just because they offer you the products within minimal time, then you need to step ahead. With us, you can have your jewelry packages at your hand within some days without any compromise on the quality. At present, we have two shipping plans for our valuable customers, i.e., the standard shipping plan and the expedited shipping plan. In the first plan, the delivery time is 10 business or working days which is free of any cost. In the second one, the shipping time is reduced to 6 business days which is the fastest way to get your products delivered. Opting for the second plan can cost you money, but it is not that much. We charge only a few pennies which is hardly a noticeable amount. Furthermore, we are sure that our support agents can provide you with some relaxation on shipping costs by knowing the specifications of your order. 

Affordable products:

Who in this world does not like to reduce their packaging costs? We know this wish of the product manufacturers for a long time. For that, we are offering the jewelry packages at reduced prices, which are affordable for any business, no matter how small it is. We are utilizing the cardboard material for the production of these packages, which is relatively lower in cost than other packaging materials. The cardboard jewelry boxes are also recyclable, which is helpful for the product manufacturers to avoid obtaining the newly designed packaging every time for packing their accessories. Furthermore, we also provide special sales and discount offers on various special occasions and festivals which can be beneficial in saving a handsome sum of money. Apart from that, buying our jewelry boxes wholesale supplies can save you an extra amount of money as well.

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