Key Features Friction lock top closure
Dimension L + W <= 20 inch; H <= 26 inch
Quantities 100 - 500,000 units
Paper Stock 12pt up to 24pt White cardstock, 18pt up to 24pt SBS, 18pt up to 24pt Kraft cardstock, Corrugated stock.
Colors Plain White/ Brown Kraft, CMYK, PMS, Special Colors(Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold),
Finishing Gloss AQ (Default), Gloss UV, Matt UV
File Upload
Die-line and design in separate layers
PMS swatch noted if applicable
Proof Digital Proof (press-ready file) confirmed by customer.
Turnaround 8-10 business days to print and ship, after the final approval(FREE Shipping)
Shipping Flat Pack

Bux Board Boxes

Bux board boxes are multipurpose packages that are made up of corrugated Kraft paper. This type of material is famous for its pliability and strength. Hence, it can not only be customized according to your requirements but also protects the items packed in them. You can easily give them some attractive shapes that can help you attract your buyers and increase your sales. These packages also come with many printing options. You can imprint suitable stuff on them that connect with your customers and urge them to buy your products. This may include some alluring graphics that relate to your products. Some companies also imprint the name and logo of their brand on these packages that help them in promoting their business significantly. You can also choose the typography of the text suitably so that your message can be delivered effectively. These packages can be laminated with suitable material that increases their visual appeal and provides extra protection to the products packed in them.

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Personalized Designs:

Unique designs of the packages can be very significant in impressing the people. This is the reason; manufacturers and suppliers mostly go for the suppliers who offer multiple customization options. Just Custom Boxes has great importance in this regard. This is because we provide our clients with several designing choices for their custom Bux board boxes. Most of our clients require a cuboidal design that can be easily piled up and help them in shipping the items. Moreover, this shape can also fit most of the products in them and resolve the packaging issues. However, you can be creative and go for pyramidal or cylindrical designs in this regard. This is because such unique designs can make a new trend in the market that can be beneficial for your business. A sleeve-slider design can also be given to these packages that are highly popular due to its exclusive unboxing method. Sliding the tray and taking the product out of the box can entice many people that can improve your brand value in the market. Moreover, we can also give them the design of a shoulder box that is highly popular due to its premium look.

Custom Printing Choices:

We know that printing suitable stuff on product packaging has become essential for manufacturers and suppliers. This is because enticing textures and colorful graphics are easily caught by the sight of the people and fascinate them. Therefore, we provide our buyers with many printing options for a Bux board box. We offer screen printing for two-dimensional designs that increase the visibility of your items. Moreover, we can also go for digital printing on your demand. The three-dimensional designs of this type of printing can entice many viewers and provoke them regarding the purchase of your products. You can customize the textures and graphics of your requirements on these packages without any discomfort. Moreover, if you find difficulty in selecting the right illustrations that can associate with your items, you can take benefit from our professional graphic designers. If you have a certain design in your mind, you can discuss it with them and get it customized easily. However, if you have not designed the logo of your brand yet, our professional designers can help you in this regard. You can get them at the most reasonable Bux boxes price in USA.

Die-cut windows:

Showcasing the product appropriately to the customers is a matter of prime importance for the companies. This is because they can increase their sales exponentially this way. Therefore, we provide our buyers with many options of die-cut windows for their quality Bux boxes. These windows will not only increase the visual appeal of your packages, but also, they will help you illustrate your items appropriately before the buyers. You can give them several designs that can be caught by the sight of your buyers and urge them to buy your products. They are mostly given a rectangular design that gives the viewers a clear picture of the products in them. However, if you want to go creative and leave a lasting impression on your customers, you can go for triangular or heart-shaped die-cut windows that have become a new trend in the market. We can also offer some fine webbed designs that give your packages an exclusive look. We also offer a transparent PVC lamination to cover these windows. This sheet will help you protect your products from environmental dust and dirt.

Environment-Friendly Material:

Nowadays, environmental pollution is increasing, which is causing great trouble for humans as well as other living beings. However, many people have become aware of the harms of environmental pollutions. Therefore, they are finding some eco-friendly methods to run their business that can reduce the harms of pollutions. Therefore, we provide our clients with biodegradable box board packaging. This type of material is decomposed in the natural environment and do not leave any pollutant behind that could pollute your surroundings. Moreover, our packages are highly flexible and can be given multiple shapes and designs. Hence, users can make other useful items using them. Stationery holders and cardboard decors are most commonly made with these packages. In this way, these packages can save many natural resources and minimize environmental waste. Our packages can also be recycled in some factories so that they can be reused on a commercial scale. In this way, they play an important role in minimizing the waste of the environment.

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