There are several types of boxes that fit into the category of rectangular. Manufacturers from almost every product category are utilizing them to make their customer dealing more appealing and user-friendly. Their different types are using to preserve different products. For instance, dispenser packages are using to store medical drugs. They are highly customizable and responsive to almost every printing technique. You can make usage of their printing capability to gain promotion for your business by printing them with your brand and product details. With their frictionless lock on the top, you can easily utilize them for delivering the products safely to consumers. Appealing layouts, engaging fonts, interactive themes, and attractive textures, you can get any design done on them. They all are protective and durable due to the manufacturing paper materials like cardboard, corrugated, kraft, and bux board. These materials are recyclable, so you can say that all of the types of these boxes are sustainable for our nature.

Types and uses:

The rectangular packaging category contains different types of boxes. Dispenser, regular six corners, double glued side wall, and rectangular flower boxes, all are those types of this category. They are providing beneficial features and functionalities in product preservation. All of these types are utilizing for storing products from almost every category. They are used when you need to give a special kind of protection to your valuable products. But make sure that you are getting them in the finest quality, which you will only get from JustCustomBoxes.

Finest Customization:

We know how customization of packages can impact a lot on your customer dealing aspect. It is why we provide several customization techniques to make your rectangular gift boxes distinctive. Our professionals utilize effective printing techniques like offset, digital, and screen to produce high-quality designs, layout, and themes on your packages. You can even get custom designs according to the theme of your product and brand. We provide all of these boxes in different customizable shapes, sizes, and designs according to the requirement of your product. You can even avail of the options of high-quality coatings, laminations, and finishing options to make your product presentation more unique. You can also make your packaging a promotional tool for your brand. All you need to do is to get them printed with your brand information from us.

Affordable Prices:

We Just Custom Boxes  provide very low prices on our packaging services that even a small retailer can easily afford it. It is very hard to maintain quality and to store the product at the same time. We know how a budget can be a huge problem in picking out the best for your business. As we utilize common but effective paper materials, we do not cost that much on the packages that are made from those materials. We also provide huge discounts, sales, and special offers on different events and festivals from which our customers can easily buy their rectangular cardboard boxes wholesale in bulk amount from us.



The packaging is facing a huge loss in reputation due to chemical and toxic solutions like plastic and metal. Companies are utilizing them carelessly without knowing what they are doing to the health of our environment. It is the reason why we prefer to use those kinds of materials that are recyclable. Paper materials like kraft, corrugated, cardboard and bux board are from the category of recyclable papers. They do not impose any negative impact on our nature. With our boxes, you can easily make a respectable place for your brand in your market. 


Free Shipping:

Shipping costs can become a huge factor when you are purchasing your rectangular shipping boxes. Sometimes it can exceed the overall cost of the boxes that you have purchased. We provide free shipping to our customers all over the USA. We are not like other packaging suppliers that take back their provided discounts by keeping their shipping costs high. Our international customers can also utilize our low rates of shipping. 


Designing Support:

We always try to make every single effort from which our customers can get the best packaging solution for their product. We Just Custom Boxes provide full design support if you buy rectangular storage boxes. You can get a free virtual box sample from us. According to your own preference, we can provide both 2D and 3D style samples. Our main goal is to provide that same thing that customer wants to get. Usually, companies do not provide that product, which they showed in their sample. But we provide physical samples as well to overcome this worry of our customers. But that physical sample may take some time to deliver because we have to do the confirmation of the order before sending out the order.

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