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Copyright Notice:

It is established that by using this website, the user is aware that all the content and information displayed on the website is under the ownership of JustCustomBoxes. This includes software, images, data, written material, photographs, illustrations, graphics, designs, and maps, along with all other content that is termed as “Our Website Content.” Any kind of changes, modifications, updating, republishing, storing, distribution, and transmission of available content is strictly prohibited without any legal authorization by the website owners.

User Conduct on Our Website:

You are solely liable for any material in any form, such as images, illustrations, or writing you upload, share, giveaway, or publicize via our website. You agree that any material that you upload or publicize through our website will not include images, texts, trademarks, designs, or any copyrighted work of any third party without any appropriate authorization from the respective owners. You are accepting and allowing that you shall not share, upload, and publicize any content that is unfriendly, offensive, and hateful on our website. This content should also not infringe the scholarly property rights of any third party and

We have no right or authority over the material shared and uploaded by customers, so we are not accountable for its validity, morality, or decency. JustCustomBoxes will not accept any responsibility for any web content which you presume indecent, abusive, or unlawful.

JustCustomBoxes.Com has the right to abolish any material it finds abusive, indecent, or unlawful but is not responsible for removing objectionable and terms and conditions violating materials. The company has the authority to keep the posted content or to reveal it if needed in the following cases;

  • Stick to judicial process
  • Apply the terms of services
  • Replies the assert that web content disobeys third parties’ rights
  • Keeps the safety, wealth, or rights of our website its customers.

For getting our products, it is your obligation to provide the website with truthful information. Our website is purely intended for human use and no other mechanical means. Any abuse of our website that violates the terms and conditions of JustCustomBoxes.Com will be perceived as illegal and will be vulnerable to legal action.

By placing orders on our website, you are confirming that you have all the rights, permissions, and authorities, and we can create unique products on your behalf. You warrant that you are of legally sufficient age to stick to any judicial proceedings if you experience anything while using our website as a buyer.

You are solely responsible for the protection of your password and controlling access to your account on our website. It will be on your behalf in case if someone else with access to your account places an order on this website. You let website for creating, reusing, and modifying content from our website at the time you or anyone else with access to your account uses the website.

In order to use the features and services of our website, the website requires customer’s emails and names for retrieving the access in the future. The JustCustomBoxes has the right to demand any other individual and business information if required.

Only you are accountable for keeping your password secure and shouldn’t disclose it to anyone. In case of the abuse of the access key, you are liable for any abuse of our website or client’s information, both personal and public.

By using our website, you agree to the privacy policy of JustCustomBoxes.Com. You are admitting that you have gone through and understand the privacy policy of the company and are consenting to the use of personal and business information.

Indemnification & Limitation of Liability:

You agree to indemnify, defend, and keep JustCustomBoxes harmless, including its directors, members, employees, vendors, representatives, suppliers, and all stakeholders against and from any damages and claims. Also, in case of any assert or claim made against the company due to the so-called wrong acts of the customers or un-proven printing done on the products by the company asked by the customers.

  1. Violates any legal protection of any individual
  2. Includes any events that are foul, abusive, and malicious
  3. Or due to any unauthorized access to any password-protected area of the website.

You shall recompense and hold us safe from any vandalism, destruction, and loss that may arise due to any claim as;

  1. protect the company against a claim or assert
  2. tip any verdict award
  3. And paying us any jurisdictive fees and expenses which are involved.

The company is not responsible for any accident, death, damage, or hold up of any type of its employees, workers, media members, marketing staff, and relevant authorities that is instigated by either the usage of our website via received information or if any part was suggested of such a possibility if harms.

In no way are we liable to you for all losses and damages along with the reasons of actions including but not restricted to carelessness arising from this agreement or your use of website beyond the amount paid to JustCustomBoxes for order or request by you.

Return and Refund Policy:

In case if you find any fault in the printing of your ordered product or the product is not printed according to you your requirements, you need to report to us within 3 business days after receiving your order. In case of faulty or unspecified printing, we reprint the original order; however, we do not refund the money. Defect checking will be on the part of our management team. Customers are required to send us the digital proofs of defects to the company within 7 days to get the order reprint. Rush orders have non-refundable charges.

Payment Order Placement, Cancellations:

On our website, the prices of products are in USD (US Dollars). Hence, the payments are received in the same currency. The company starts working on your orders once you pay the total due amount that includes shipping charges and taxes, through some authentic payment source.

The order placement process also entails the provision of the final form of the product or service via electronic or hard copy to the company. After the approval of the proof, we send the printing tasks to the press department, where no changes are made to design and timing. In case if you want to cancel your order, you need to do so within the limited time of 4 hours after the approval of proof. In this scenario, you will have to bear $25 and 5% of the total order payment. However, if you want to cancel the order within 24 hours, you will have to bear 50% of the total payment. The company charges these costs to cover up the time and resources wasted making your product. But, we do not assure you that you can cancel your order after 24 hours limit.

Design Orders:  does not allow any refunds for design services orders. The clients do not have the liberty of canceling orders for design services, and likely the entire payment will be non-refundable.

Sales Tax Policy:

Clients within the IL state are required to pay sales tax. In case of tax exemption, you are required to provide your tax exemption certificate at the time of placing your order.

Customers Submitted Artwork/Files:

Our artwork designers utilize the given artwork by customers for creating new designs. The company necessitates your artwork files in 300 DPI in the final form and CMYK format. In case if you provide the artwork files in any other format, the company will not be responsible for exaggerated, blurred printing or not matching your requirements.

The client who places the order is to be blamed if the printed product is not according to their expectations due to sequence or the orientation of the placed order. Our employees take all countermeasures to avoid the loss of our clients. JustCustomBoxes is not liable for the loss of your printed orders. 

After you upload or shared artwork or any files to our website, you are confirming that the posted material is legit in every aspect.

The company has the right to decline any order that we consider unlawful or infringing the rights of a third party. By placing an order, you are accepting all the liability of materials created on your requirements. We also have the right to decline any order without informing the reason. We have the policy to not print anything that we find abusive, indecent, or offensive.

Proofs and Color Accuracy:

The order placement process also includes the provision of the final form of the service or product via hard copy or electronic file of the ordered product or service. The printing jobs are forwarded to the press department as soon as you send us the approval. Being a customer, it’s your job to examine and update the proof. The company should not be kept on wait for contradicted proofs that may cause delays. You must be mindful that the disclosed turnaround time on our website commences after the approval of the proof.

The company presumes that before agreeing on the proof, you have checked it from every aspect. The things to check may include expected errors in layout, spacing, copy, punctuation, text printed, and picture position. Electronic proofs do not handle issues like overprinting, transparency, or color improvement from RGB or Pantone to CMYK. We are not liable for the printed versions of products with laminations.

The client is fully liable for all that is contained in the final accepted proof:

The color to be printed is contrived from the provided artwork file and cannot be exactly the same because of built-in limitations of the printing procedures along with adjoining printing ink requirements. So, the company does not guarantee color accuracy. By placing an order, you agree to this drawback of the system. Employees are advised to provide the closest colors, but the company is not accountable for colors that change between the expected and printed work. For such color changes that can occur due to system limitations, we do not provide reprinting. We are not liable for matching colors, density on printed products, and inks that you approved. However, the company warrants color precision and matching in case of ordering hard proof from the company. You must be aware that hard copy proof will cost you more.

No Liability for Errors:

JustCustomBoxes is not to be held answerable if there are mistakes in the finished printed product like:

  • Fonts, spelling, and grammar mistakes
  • Percolating marks and graphics punctuation,
  • Erroneous fonts, cropping marks, die lines, and cracks in folds 
  • Overprinting errors 
  • The difference in the size of the finished product

*All Packaging products are shipped flat and Pre-assembled

Gang Printing:

JustCustomBoxes does not use the gang or combined printing techniques for a majority of printing products. The company always follows client’s instructions and uses the most suitable printing techniques to print ordered products.


Normally, the company delivers the exact quantity of ordered products along with an extra amount. The extra amount is delivered free of charge. However, in case of the deliverance of fewer products or underrun, the company will deduct the price of only shipped products. The company has the policy to deliver 5% extra or less quantity of ordered products.

Production Speed, Shipping, and Delivery of Orders:

As soon as you pay or send the complete amount of your order to the company and provide your artwork in any form and agree on provided content, and the press department finalizes it, our turnaround time starts. While placing an order on our website, you can choose the production speed that displays the number of working days from printing to shipment. You should be sending your agreement to provide proof before 10 am according to local standard time. The company and its employees try their best to ship your ordered products in time. In case of any delays, is not responsible for any damage or loss has done due to delays in shipping. The customers agree that the company is not responsible for delays due to weather conditions or custom issues that are not controlled by us directly. In case of any problem with printing, the charges are refundable; however, orders are not canceled due to delays in printing.

You agree to bill the whole amount in terms of customs duties and fees at the time of shipping to the asked location. As a customer, it is your liability to clear customs for shipping products outside of the USA. The company ship orders in 10 to 12 business day, however, rush orders are delivered in 4 to 6 business days. Rush orders are subjected to terms and conditions and can request our team via emailing or calling on given mediums of contact. We provide free ground shipping without any weight and quantity limit but on standard orders only within the USA. For extra locations, customers will be charged extra costs. The company will not accept any loss or damage that is done during the shipping and is not liable for delivery timings. In case if you provide us wrong shipment delivery addresses or makes any mistake in submitting the complete address, for reshipment of the order, we will charge additional shipping and handling costs.

Amendments to our Website and Terms and Conditions: 

JustCustomBoxes.Com has the right to modify or change any segment of our website or Terms and Conditions without prior notice to the clients of JustCustomBoxes.Com at any time. The new alterations will be effective from the minute they become part of the terms and conditions of our website. It will be presumed that you agree to new changes if you keep using our website after the changes to the terms and services take place. 

Contacting JustCustomBoxes.Com? 

In case of query, you can contact us at or call 1-630-487-5055.

Signup for Free-Re seller Program:

JustCustomBoxes inclusively offers free reseller subscriptions, which may lead to up to 40% off on standard quotes. All your future inquiries are treated with cut-price quotes. While treating the order, you can ask for a form from our sales representatives or email us with the subject line: “Reseller form required.” We will provide you the reseller form within 24hours of your request. The form can be submitted to or your accounts managers.

We are determined to offer the best services with economical rates to our resellers. For further details, you can call us at 1-630-487-5055.

*Re-seller can sell the product via their own website, stores, brand, and channel. JustCustomBoxes.Com may make some marketing materials for Re-seller to use in marketing the products.

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