Fold & assemble are collapsible boxes that can be easily folded and provide you some space benefits. These packages are mostly made up of cardboard or Bux board that are famous for their pliability. You can easily alter their appearance to look at your requirements. Manufacturers mostly make a flat template with the help of cardboard that can be folded into the shape of a box. This templet is easy to be shipped in a bulk amount. They also come with many printing options. You can imprint appropriate text on them that can create interest in buyers regarding your product. Suitable graphics can also be added on these packages that are easily caught by the sight of people. In this way, these packages can help you market your items. Some companies add the name and logo of their brand to them for promotional purposes.

Personalized Designing Options:

Selecting the right shape and size of boxes is a matter of great importance for manufacturers and suppliers. This is because if the wrong shape is selected, products will not fit in packages that can be troublesome for them. Therefore, Just Custom Boxes provides its clients with many shaping options for fold and assemble boxes. We mostly offer a cuboid shape that can fit many items without any discomfort. However, you can show some creativity by giving them a pyramidal or hexagonal appearance. This is because these types of packages are becoming trendy in the market. We can also give these packages design of telescope boxes that is famous for their strength and durability. Moreover, this type of design comforts suppliers as it can be folded and delivered in bulk. A flip-top design is also common in these packages. This is because it is comfortable to be folded and assembled by consumers.

Custom Printing:

Printing appropriate stuff on the packaging is a matter of great importance to manufacturers. This is because it is an excellent way to increase the visibility of products and enhance sales. Therefore, we provide our clients with many options for printing self-assemble packaging. We can imprint suitable graphics on these packages that relate to your products and urge your customers to buy items. Appropriate text can also be added to them that will help you to deliver your message suitably to your customers. The typography of text can be chosen by you without any discomfort. For printing purposes, we mostly offer screen printing. This is because this type of printing makes your two-dimensional graphics more visible on packages and leave a lasting impression on viewers. We also offer digital printing that can is famous for giving graphics a three-dimensional appearance in packages.

Die-cut Window Designs:

Displaying items suitably is a matter of great concern for retailers. Therefore, they find suppliers that can make their packages suitable for showcasing products. We offer numerous designing options for die-cut windows of assembly packaging. These windows will not only increase the visual appeal of packaging but also demonstrate items appropriately that can make the mind of buyers regarding the purchase of your items. People mostly like rectangular windows. This is because they display items properly on shelves of retail stores. However, we can also be creative and give some special designs to these windows that will leave a lasting impression on viewers. Edges of these die-cut windows can also be designed with a finesse that will fascinate many people. We also offer a transparent PVC lamination for these windows that do not only showcase items but also protect them from dust, dirt, and humidity. In this way, our packages maintain the quality of your products for a longer duration.

Attractive Finishing:

Lamination of product packaging has become necessary for companies. This is because it does not only provide additional protection to items but also increases the visibility of boxes. Therefore, we provide our buyers with many finishing options for their printed assembly boxes. People mostly go for gloss-finished lamination. This is because this type of finishing fascinates many people with its shiny appearance and urge them to buy products. Moreover, this type of lamination also makes the grace of the product for a longer duration because it is easy to be cleaned. We also offer matte lamination that attracts the elite class with its luxurious appearance. Therefore, retailers mostly use it to increase sales of their expensive products. We can also benefit you with our unique and premium foiling. You can choose gold as well as silver sheets for your cardboard assemble boxes. This type of lamination has become highly trendy in the market these days.

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