Gift boxes are used to pack presents that make them likable for the recipients. Cardboard material is mostly used to manufacture them. These packages are highly flexible. Therefore, they are available in multiple shapes and sizes. These packages can also be printed easily. You can imprint appropriate phrases on these packages that develop an interest in your buyers about the gifts packed in them. Suitable graphics can also be printed on these packages that improve their visual appeal and leave a lasting impression on the viewers. These packages are also easy to be embellished with appropriate decors. These embellishments make them look amazing. Beautiful wraps and colorful ribbons are most commonly used to decorate them. Some of these packages also come with handles that make them comfortable to be carried by people. These packages can also be laminated with appropriate materials. Gloss-finished lamination is commonly used in this regard due to its lustrous look.

Custom designing options

Choosing the right designs for the product packages is essential if you want to make them amazing. We, Just Custom Boxes, are providing many personalization choices to our clients for their luxury gift boxes wholesale. We mostly give these packages a cuboid shape. This is because this standard design can pack many types of products without any discomfort. We can also give them some other creative shapes on your demand. Pyramidal and cylindrical boxes are becoming highly trendy in this regard. If you want to get these packages customized in other creative designs, we can benefit you with our amazing services in this regard. If you are worried about the price of customization, let me tell you that we are offering free design support. Hence, we go easy on your pocket and provide you with great profit. We can also add some extraordinary die-cut windows to these boxes. These windows showcase your product suitably to your buyers. We also cover these sheets with a transparent PVC sheet that protects your presence from the dust and dirt of the environment.

Incredible printing choices

Printing suitable text and graphics on the product packages have become a matter of great importance for the companies. This is because they can attract many people this way. This is the reason; we provide many printing choices to our clients for their luxury gift packaging. You can get the graphics as well as the text of your requirements imprinted on these packages from us. We can also personalize the printing according to the targeted event or specific audience. As an example, if you want to personalize them according to birthdays, we can imprint the images of cakes, ribbons, and balloons on them. Kind regards and wishes can also be imprinted by us on these boxes. We also allow you to select the typography according to your likings. For printing, we offer many types of techniques. Offset and screen printing are most commonly used in this regard. However, the option of digital printing is also available on our platform.

Suitable color customization

Choosing the right theme for the product packages has become highly important for companies. This is because colors can affect the psychology of people and urge them to buy your products. Therefore, we are offering many color customization options to our clients for their decorative gift boxes wholesale. To get this task done, we use CMYK as well as PMS color printing options. These printing options have great importance. This is because they give us the actual look of the dyes and attract the people with their premium quality. In CMYK printing, we use four colors that are mixed to get the dye of your requirements. We also offer a Pantone matching system that is slightly different from the CMYK printing. In these printing techniques, the colors are mixed before they are applied to the packages.

Fast delivery at cheap rates

Want your packages to be delivered immediately to your place? We are providing some amazing shipping services that can help you in this regard. For our standard orders, we deliver custom luxury gift boxes at your doorstep within 10 to 12 business days after the approval of your order. We also offer free shipping services so that we go easy on your pocket. However, these facilities are for customers in Canada and the US. If you want us to go beyond these boundaries, a minimal shipping fee is charged that does not put much burden on your budget. Some of our clients want immediate delivery of the packages. For them, we provide the services of rush delivery that save time and meet the requirements of the clients. With rush services, you can get the packages delivered to your doorstep within 6 to 8 business days after the approval of your order. To take benefit of this facility, you will have to pay negligible shipping charges. Feel free to contact our customer support for further clarification.

Required samples are provided

Sampling has become highly essential for buyers before they purchase items in bulk quantity. This is because it prevents them from buying the wrong products. Considering this fact, we provide our clients with many sampling options of the gift bags boxes. We can give you a flat view of our packages that provide you with appropriate information about the design and printing of the boxes. You can also ask us to make changes in the design by viewing this sample. For further clarification, we can also provide you with 3D mockups that give you appropriate details in this regard. This sample provides you with the detail of every corner of the boxes. Moreover, the printed graphics are also visible that allows you to make them appropriate according to your likings. We can also deliver physical samples at your place that will help you to check the quality of the packages that we are providing to our clients.

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