8 Unexpected Ways That Shoulder Boxes Can Make Your Gift Better


Posted On: Nov-30-2021 By: Emma Meaghan

The shoulder boxes stand among the different packaging types for expensive products and gift items. They come with a separate lid that fits perfectly over the base. Brands have multiple customization options like embossing, foiling, scoring, and die-cutting. The luxury inserts in catchy colors raise their presentation of products and leave a strong impression on consumers.

Printing the details of the product over these boxes fulfills all the marketing needs. The use of digital printers makes the printed design more fascinating and attention-grabbing for customers by elevating the colors. Over it, the sturdy rigid cardboard ensures the protection of products. Gift sharing is an old tradition, and the way shoulder boxes are presented considered of great importance.

However, luckily there are options like the shoulder boxes that make the gifts even better and more presentable. Apart from elevating the presentation, this packaging solution also benefits several other purposes. Here are 8 unexpected and surprising ways these boxes help make the gifts better. 

More Space for Printing:

The gifts are a source to make the relations better with the loved ones. People used to choose gifts according to the theme of the event. Therefore, they often prefer buying gift items specifically made for those events. These custom shoulder boxes have a unique structure that provides enough space for printing.

People using this packaging or the gift selling and wrapping services providers can print the information about those events by following the theme. A company giving gifts to the employees even can print the separate names for their employees over this box to make it more memorable and special.  

Catchy Design Aesthetics:

There are several options available to package the gift items. However, the value added by using different items varies in the case of every item. The rigid shoulder boxes have a unique structural design that is engaging and adds a huge value to the gift items placed in them. The design aesthetics are elevated more than other options so that the sidewalls of the box fit perfectly with the base. This phenomenon becomes more engaging when the base is crafted in random designs rather than keeping it plane. 

Supplemented Luxury:

Sometimes people buy many expensive items but choose ordinary packaging to present them. Unfortunately, this wrong selection does not inspire people with that much effectiveness. In comparison, the fully customizeable retail packaging even raise the value of cheap gift items because of their ability to supplement the luxury. In addition, the soft cushioning in the beautiful designs inspires people greatly while they open the box and pick the products from inside. 

Elevated Gifts Presentation:

The engaging presentation of gift items is the key to winning people's hearts. One of the vital reasons behind the popularity of shoulder boxes wholesale is its effectiveness in making the gift items more presentable. This presentation is made engaging by using the luxury inserts using materials like foam and cardboard.

Modern packaging manufacturing technology helps to engrave these inserts with the same shape of gift items to be placed in them. Such a beautiful tool used for the presentation of products easily wins the hearts of people receiving the gifts, and they admire such a perfect solution. 

Safety with Rigidity:

Compromising on the safety of the expensive and emotionally valuable gift items is not an option for gifts. Any damage to the gift items does not leave a good impact on the people getting them. The custom printed shoulder boxes also keep the gifts protected from such harms and ensure that people get them perfectly. Usually, people ship the gifts to the far situated regions, which also involves several risks. All these risks are well eliminated because of the box's soft cushioning and rigid structure. 

Finishes Improve Aesthetics:

An unexpected way these seated shoulder boxes make gifts special is by using finishing layers over them. This packaging type is embellished with coatings that add shine to the surface and create a mesmerizing effect with seated shoulder boxes. This effect creates people irresistible to open the gift items quickly as they receive as it adds a premium touch to the packaging. Moreover, the printed content also stays safe and memorizes the gift receivers about the feelings of senders as long they keep the packaging by their side. 

Better Impression with Colors:

The internal presentation and external design aesthetics are not focused on the rigid shoulder boxes. Rather the colors chosen for this packaging type are also chosen with great care. These colors are used according to the event's theme to make the gifts more relatable and presentable in rigid shoulder boxes.

For example, the selection of red colors makes the gifts more relatable for the occasions like Christmas and Valentine's day. Such a creative, thematic, and bold color selection conveys the feelings strongly. Moreover, such colored packaging also elevates the aesthetics and makes the items stand out for the businesses over the retail shelves. 

Royal Look with Add-Ons:

Handing over the gifts without turning them into the particular gift look misses the charm. However, the accurate size and dimensions of the shoulder boxes wholesale allow using decorative add-ons over the box. It makes it easy to win the hearts of people receiving them by giving a royal look to the gifts. The satin stretch bows and beautifully used ribbons add a traditional touch to gifts. There are several other decorative add-ons like using a tree supple to follow the eco-friendly theme.

These were some of the ways these shoulder boxes, with their innovative design, make the gifts items better and more presentable. The impression left over the people getting gifts in such an elegant packaging solution does not match any other packaging type or method adopted. People always prefer to preserve such a packaging type along with the gifts. 

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