How the Makeup Foundation Is Made 7 Surprising Facts


Posted On: Oct-27-2021 By: Max Leed

We all know about the famous cosmetic products that come in foundation boxes. But manufacturing process of these products is not clear to most individuals. If you have this question in the mind, it is the right place. Manufacturing processes of different forms of these items vary a lot. The following are some exciting points that will clear the manufacturing process of these cosmetic items.

Powder Foundations

The powder form of this product is quite popular, that many people love to have it. It is vital to understand the production process of powder ones. This one generally has two forms. One has talc powder as the main base, and the other one has wax. We will discuss both of them here. 

Talc Powder

Powder-based items packaged in custom foundation boxes are among the most popular ones. People have been using them for a very long time. As the main material is talc, people need a brush to apply it to the face. Sponge might be a good option, but people avoid it for this type of base. Various kinds of colors are mixed and grounded with this product to give it desired shade. This product is beneficial for people having oily skin as it keeps the skin dry. You can categorize it among the most popular products in this matter. 

Wax-based Base

The wax-based powdered foundation is quite popular these days. People buy foundation boxes online having powdered form and wax as a binding agent. This wax may be synthetic or natural. Wondering why wax is beneficial with a powdered base. Well, this thing provides more grip on the skin as compared to other forms. It might become costly in the case of natural wax. Moreover, the side effects of this one are also low as compared to others. Skin keeps its moisture due to this thing. As a result, it improves overall results for individuals. 

Ingredients and Fragrances

A powdered form of the base has various ingredients. The main ingredient is powder, as we all know. For binding it, different binding agents are available. Brands also use emollients and pigments in them. Their quantity and quality can vary as per the brand. Then comes the fragrances that businesses mix to give the customers a fresh experience. For this purpose, different brands have multiple options that vary a lot. Even if the ingredients of brands are the same, the difference in manufacturing can provide different results. 

Liquid Foundations

Liquid foundations are not always watery, as many of these products have a thick mixture. Some of them come in sealed container form, while others have a removable or foldable lid. It depends upon the density of the product. They generally have two types. One has a water base, while the others have a silicone base. Let us discuss them in detail.

Water Base

Nothing can beat the popularity of water-based foundations in this era. People buy cheap foundation boxes online that have thin liquid bases. However, these products are also available in premium forms with thick liquid to provide lasting results. The concentration of water differs a lot in most of them. Brands make them by keeping in mind the need of the customers for easy-to-use makeup products. Some other chemicals are added to give it desired qualities.  

Silicone Base

Some retailers also buy silicone-based foundation boxes wholesale. It is due to the impressive results this one provides to some individuals. Water and silicone have specific portions in this product. The most common forms of silicone used are polysiloxane, phenyl trimethicone, dimethicone. Some other materials are mixed in them to give desired qualities to this product. It acts as a barrier between skin and harmful elements. When an individual washes it, all the harmful elements are removed with silicone.  

Common Ingredients 

Ingredients for liquid bases vary a lot. But some of them are common among many of these products. Zinc oxide is one of them. This one acts as a protective agent against the sun. It reduces the shining effects that make people look impressive in sunlight as well as when photographed. Titanium dioxide is another common ingredient you can find in most of them. It also prevents any skin damage due to environmental factors. Bismuth oxychloride, vitamin E, and vitamin A are also common ingredients. 

Addition of Fragrances

It is a crucial element that businesses use to make their products different from others. You will find matching shades of several brands. But most of them have different fragrances. That is what many people decide on to buy the product or not. Water or alcohol-based fragrances are used as per requirement. 

People must understand how the product they regularly use is manufactured. Products that come in foundation boxes have a great variety, and manufacturing them differs as well. These were some vital points that can help understand how different foundations are made. 

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