How Dramatically Cell Phones Have Evolved Over The Past Decades 6 Facts


Posted On: Nov-08-2021 By: Emma Meaghan

All electronic gadgets and especially expensive cell phones require ultimate protection from the damage factor. The cell phone boxes are designed to give this factor a top priority. Millions of units are dispatched to different countries from every brand, so safety is inevitable. The rigid cardboard of the increased thickness ensures protection during shipping.

Meanwhile, the presentation is also made attractive by using the custom inserts in them. They are designed in a perfect size that could fit all the accessories and usage guides easily. Telecommunication brands can get their desired design printed over them with lasting colors. 

The history of cell phone evolution is much interesting. Most of the phones we saw launching every day in the special cell phone boxes are the result of several years of effort. However, they were not the same as earlier. Firms have resolved all the challenges in making operating systems sustainable and hardware easy to carry. Let’s know the interesting facts regarding the dramatic evolution of cell phones. 

Beginning With Car Phones:

Cell phones were not the same from the very begging as people carry them in their pockets today. Rather than purchasing them in a cell phone shipping box, people used to install them in the cars earlier. They were heavier and connected with the batteries of cars. The car phones remained in the service from 1946 to the late ’80s in several regions of North America.

The whole system weighed almost 36kg that is much heavier than today’s situation. People have to wait in their cars with these wired phones for the establishment of connections, and it could go longer than 30 minutes. However, it was far better than that of the Graham Bells wired phone of the eighteenth century.

Shifting Over Handheld Phones:

People got rid of car phones right after the arrival of handheld phones launched by Motorola. The cell phone actually turned into mobile phones when Motorola launched the DYNATAC 1000X model. It was the first wireless phone that people could get home in a small cell phone box. The engineer Martin Cooper made the first public call with the handheld phone,

And then it took 10 more years to make them commercially available for the common people for personal use. It became popular in a short time and was started seen everywhere. This cell phone gave a 30 minutes battery time after 10 hours of charging at that time in 1983.

Launch of Initial Smartphones:

Simon Personal Communicator (SPC) is considered the first smartphone, but it was not as advanced as the smartphones of these days. They were launched at the price of $900, and firms presented them in the small size custom printed cell phone box. It was the first phone that had some apps on it. It includes the address book, calendar, and the phenomenon to send and receive fax and emails. It was also a touchscreen phone that people operate with a little plastic pen and it special packaging of designed from retail packaging.

Cell Phones without Buttons:

The 21st century has led to a revolution in the mobile phone industry with the launch of the iPhone series. It broke all the previous performance records in every regard. The company launched the first iPhone of the series in January 2007 and immediately presented it in the market using customized cell phone boxes for improving the user experience in every regard. This phone was a complete touch screen that people could use with their fingertips. It was an improved version from memory, speed, and display aspects.

Modern Options Availability:

Today’s market is full of options for consumers. People can now get the phones according to their needs and the budget specified. They can choose a discounted cell phone box with a phone of different specifications. Now people have options to choose from the android or IOS operating system depending upon their priorities, needs, and general preference.

It allows them to break the limitations by getting the mobile phone device according to personal use. Moreover, the apps are now building bridges between the mobile with different operating systems for data sharing. 

Future Development Endeavors:

The engineers and researchers are not restricted here after making such an improvement. They have set even higher goals to achieve. One of the most advanced features companies are working over is holographic technology. It will revolutionize this industry, and the size of wholesale cell phone boxes will go even smaller as people can just wear it.

Like the watch and can perform the desired functionalities, evolution of cell phones. Moreover, mobiles with flexible and transparent frames are also under the development process. Companies are also working to increase the battery time, use eco-friendly materials, and connect them to more internet of things (IoT).

The whole evolution journey of mobile phones is quite interesting and full of effort. Every company is trying to facilitate the customers even with the cell phone boxes along working over other features. Companies are providing more features at comparatively lower prices than in old times. So, it is pushing them to offer more features to the clients while keeping the costs down.

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