8 Eye Shadow and Eye Makeup Hacks Inspired By Gigi Hadid


Posted On: Oct-29-2021 By: Max Leed

Gigi Hadid prefers smoky eye makeup that is a true classic and turns her eyes into real highlights. Mastering her tricks by seeing the information printed on the eye shadow boxes can be a little tricky. Even a little mistake can make your eyes look tired, and they would get a drowsy look rather than a smoky one. Keep reading our foolproof tips in this smoky eye makeup tutorial inspired by Gigi Hadid.

Smudge-free Primer:

A lot of eye makeup experts do not prefer priming the eyelids. But, if you want to get a smoky look for your eyes just like Gigi Hadid, you need to follow her makeup hacks. Before you open the custom eye shadow boxes to put on any colors or shades on the eyelids, make sure you prime them. The benefit of doing so is that it creates a good foundation for layering your eye shadows. It also provides far better results in improving the texture of your skin and making your eye makeup last longer.

Variety of Shades:

Printed eye shadow boxes may suggest you use particular shades for a specific look. But, if you want a smoky look just like Gigi Hadid, ensure that you have numerous shades available from the same color family. For instance, variations of purple color are needed to complete a purple smoky eye look. Other than that, you need a highlighter or base shade as well to give a highlight to your brow bone and inner eyes’ crease.

Liner application:

After the successful application of shades on the eyelids, Gigi Hadid uses kohl liner along the base of her lashline and smears it. If you want to have the same exclusive look for your eyes, always apply kohl liner on the lid. This would prove beneficial in creating a definition of the lids, and you would have the same smoldering look as Gigi Hadid has.

The Blending of Eyes:

Another inspirational idea from Gigi Hadid's eye makeup routine is to blend the eyes again and again. If you are not doing it, there is a great chance that shades on your lids would look harsh and rough. You can use a fluffy brush packed in an eye shadow box that makes sure that all the harsh lines on the lids disappear.

Give a Highlight:

The key to a splendid smoky look for your eyes, just like Gigi Hadid, is to highlight the brow bone appropriately. Do not ever make the mistake of placing your dark shadow close to the brow bone. Or, you would not be able to get a seamless finish and end up with an unpolished look. The best tactic is to select a neutral color that is usually lighter than the tone of your skin. For instance, a highlighter with yellow undertones in case you have pink undertones.

Never Ignore the Waterline:

This is a vital step in getting a smoky look for your eyes. A more classic approach here is to go for applying a black pencil liner in your waterline. A short time after its application, you will realize that your eyes would open wide, and the white area of your eyes would appear even whiter. Depending on the event for which you are getting ready, you can apply different colors to your lids, such as violet, teal, etc.

Apply Mascara:

The makeup for an eye is incomplete if you are not applying any mascara. Gigi Hadid never misses out on applying mascara every time she is doing makeup. Just like her, begin at the root of your lashes and move upward while applying mascara. In case you are going to apply mascara to the bottom lashes as well, remember to keep it to a minimum. Also, prefer using mascara which is waterproof as water in the eyes can damage your makeup.

Keep Your Face Natural:

As per the makeup routine of Gigi Hadid, you need to maintain a natural look with face makeup. This will make your eyes appear more prominent, and they will look neatly finished. You can apply a fine rosy neutral blush or a nude lip gloss for a fine finish to the makeup. When using blush, make sure you use a lighter hand so as to give a proper highlight to the eyes.

To get a popular smoky look for your eyes from products packed in eye shadow boxes, it is important to follow Gigi Hadid’s tips. From using a primer to blending the eyes and applying mascara, these tips are really useful to get a perfect look. 

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