7 Most Common Side Effects of Excessive Usage of Foundation


Posted On: Sep-06-2021 By: Emma Meaghan

Being moderate is one of the best ways to live happily. Excessive use of anything can result in verse. The same is the case with the usage of products that come in cardboard-made foundation boxes. A lot of people use them excessively and regularly. They can face side effects that are very common among makeup lovers. 7 of such drawbacks that you can face by using foundations excessively are as following.

Dry or Oily Skin:

People who use makeup products like foundations excessively can face skin issues. It has been seen that people use unsuitable types of foundations that make their skins oilier or drier. In case you have dry skin, it can get drier if, unfortunately, you use inappropriate formula. The same can go otherwise for oilier skin in foundation boxes. In both ways, you can face skin discomfort. So, whatever makeup product you are using, use it in a moderate amount along with considering its suitability with your skin.

Color Changes:

Using foundation products has side effects, but sleeping with it throughout the night can damage your skin to a greater level. The color of your skin can change and darken. Due to sun and pollution, free radicals can affect the collagen that weakens the skin and result in a change in skin color. Wearing foundations for a long time most of the time results in a change in skin color.

Applied foundations contain ingredients that block oxygen that is essential to keep the face fresh and result in color change. About 60% of foundation users who use it excessively are facing this issue, according to recent research. And brands do not accept any claims as they print all the related information on their cheap foundation boxes online. So, all the responsibility is on customers.

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Skin Infections:

Though a lot of brands offer foundation products that look similar physically, they do not use similar ingredients. Some use mild ingredients that do not cause any harm to your skin. However, a lot of brands use chemical-based ingredients such as SLES and paraben. And Excessive use of foundations having these ingredients always results in skin allergies. Specifically, if your skin is allergic to some ingredients, the case can be worse. Excessive use of such foundation products can make your skin uncomfortable and itchy.

Untimely Aging:

Premature aging is what no one likes. However, with the excessive use of a cosmetic product like foundations, this can happen. Protection of skin from the sun is the most important thing that keeps it healthy. In case of forgetting, wearing sunscreen before applying makeup regularly can make your skin vulnerable to sun damages. This can lead to premature aging signs such as fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles. Following the government’s directions, brands should buy foundation boxes online and provide all the consequential information. So that customers can choose and use these makeup items wisely.

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Clogged Pores:

Clogging pores is another trouble that you may face with the excessive use of foundations and other makeup products. Clogged pores restrict your skin from breathing and make it vulnerable to acne and bumps along with other skin problems. Bumps around the eyes can also be observed in such a case. Formulas used by manufacturers may include several chemicals that can speed up the hormones related to skin diseases. You can avoid this by using the right formula with the consultation of a skin specialist.

Skin Cancer:

One major side effect of excessive foundations is vulnerability to skin cancer. Skin cancer is known as the most common skin disease in the world. According to a report by the Skin Cancer Foundation, every one out of 5 Americans faces this disease. However, they found a minor relationship between excessive usages of this makeup product with skin cancer.

But the inclusion of ingredients like arsenic, silica, coal tar, chromium, and formaldehyde can cause skin cancer. That is why; governments are making it essential for manufacturers to print foundation boxes wholesale and mention all ingredients. So, before buying any, check its formula and suitability to your skin to avoid such hazards.

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Due to hormonal imbalance, improper diet, and certain medications, breakouts may occur. But, the excessive use of makeup products such as foundations that come in custom foundation boxes can trigger breakouts. A lot of skin experts agree on the point that people with acne-prone skin should minimize their makeup usage. Minimizing the use of products like foundations can help in improving skin health and reducing blackheads, according to experts.

There can be multiple other side effects of using excessive makeup products, such as foundations and other beauty items. However, retail packaging are the most common ones that you can face. To avoid such troubles, you should consult with any skin specialists along with following the described precautions on foundation boxes.

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